I wanted to make a Sangria one night while we were on vacation but didn’t really want to follow a recipe, I wanted to go with what I had in my mind and just play with it until I got the taste I liked, I’m so glad I did because it was SOOO good. I happened to visit the vineyard where my husband and I got married 3 years ago, they have a lot of flavored wine their. I’m not sure if other wines come in flavors like these but the next time I made this I’m simply going to use a bottle of white Zin with some pineapple juice and a bottle of chardonnay with a little cranberry juice, use your judgement, taste it………make it yours!

What you need:

1 Orange, sliced
1 Green apple, sliced
1 Lime, sliced
1 750 ml bottle of pineapple wine (if you can’t find this flavor try a white zin with some pineapple juice)
1 750 ml bottle of cranberry wine (if you can’t find this flavor try a chardonnay with some cranberry juice)
1 liter of Diet Rasberry Soda Water
1 liter of Sprite zero

What to do:

Poor the wine, soda water, sprite (and juice if adding) into a pitcher. Drop in sliced fruit (I added some ice) and sipped on it and add sprite, soda water or other to get it to the taste you like. I refrigerated it for 6 hours 🙂

Awesome refreshing drink on a hot summer night.

I also drank some two days later too 🙂