Well we started off the week celebrating the Fourth of July with family and friends….it was awesome. We even pimped out my baby girls wagon for the week.

Pretty spiffy huh! But of course she insisted on pulling the wagon herself.

This is Maddie’s new thing now, pulling her own wagon! So while my hubby and I were out on our date night this week, yes we shop for our daughter on our date nights! We ended up buying her very own wagon!! You think she liked it??

The doll I bought to ride in the wagon, yeah not so much……..LOL. Daddy decided to take Friday off, unexpectedly, so we went and checked out the park down the street!

She loves the swing!!! Look at that smile!

When we tried to take her out, she’d cry, but then we were quick to figure out that she was trying to have a nap in it!!!

We had some great meals…..cooked some Country Style Boneless Ribs on the grill, MM didn’t eat any of course 😦 but we loved it!!

We hosted a fire one night this weekend………..Momma cooked up some snacks! I made a Queso dip. All I did was add a pound of velveta cheese (chopped up)  with a can of Rotel w/chilli’s and microwaved it until it was melted! Wish I took pics, but I do have leftovers so maybe I will!

I made the dips I bought at the Gourmet store I went to last week. I used the herb and oil that I bought too!! I bought cheesy bread and dipped it right in their! It was awesome, but yes the best part of the snacks was the Alcohol! Of course!! Momma’s Sangria, it came out awesome and is by far the best one I’ve had!

I made my awesome Fiesta Chicken too the day that I sent boo to daycare and I lounged on the beach. It was nice to pop something in the crockpot and call it a day! Then when I had left overs I thought of the Mexican Lasagna my mom had described to me so I went out on a limb and came up with this!! Soooooooooo good!

We also figured out that boo’s wagon has a built in table in it!!! Well we always have her eat in their because it’s a great “on the go” seat but this is an actual table!! How awesome is that!!

We had a little ice cream while swimming at the beach……..ok so we had  ALOT of Ice Cream.

And boo shared it with Nana…….look……..two peas in a pod!! HA!!

We loved being here all week, I did miss my kitchen but I was able to make some incredible dishes, I also took part in my very first CCC. That stands for Crazy Cooking Challenge! This months theme was Fried Chicken, so it was nice to be able to splurge and make a real “Fried Chicken!”

Lots going on this week, I’m taking part in a restaurant challenge, our group is called The Unchained Restaurant. We are taking a meal from a Chained recipe and we are remaking it in our own kitchen to make it healthier. Andy and I went on another unexpected date night (see why I love summer!) and we went to T-Bones, so stay tuned to see what I’m remaking. Of course there is always Featured Friday too!! Lots going on!

We really did have an awesome week! We finished our weekend off with some great friends who visited. My girlfriend and I go way back, we used to work together oh about 10 years ago, we never thought in a million years we would have girls that are only 3 months apart, it’s ironic that her and I are 2 months apart. We haven’t seen each other in awhile, life happens, but we always pick up right where we left off, as usual. So here is some major trouble!! LOL!!! Here they are having a snack before lunch.

Then there was lunch.

Then their was a walk in the wagon…..(yes that is a tatoo Maddie has thanks to Aunty MeMe!!)

Then of course a swim in the pool!! Maddie loved having a friend to play with!

Nice end to a great week!

BUT………….there was a better end to this vacation for this momma AND dadda, and it’s called S’More Brownie Bars.

But you’ll just have to wait for the recipe…….I call them bars and not bites because you can’t just have one bite silly!!! Happy Monday!!