YES their is alcohol in here folks……….the best alcohol you will ever have! Adapted from T-Bones.

Ahhhh yes my healthified version of the Rasberry Lemonade drink that I sucked down in literally 5 min. oops did I say that?? Whoopsy!! Hey I said I was kiddo free would you expect anything less!

I lightened it up, unfortunatley it’s not as good when you do that but the restaurants recipe is as follows:

Hypnotiq Raspberry Lemonade- A mix of Hypnotiq, Raspberry Smirnoff and lemonade…..don’t forget the rocks!

My version is pretty simple:

Hypnotiq Rasberry Lemonade – A mix of Hypnotiq, Raspberry Smirnoff and Zero Vitamin Lemonade Water…..on the rocks!