I had some leftover whole wheat loaf bread, not much, but I sat their one morning wondering what I could do with it so I would stop dipping it in the oil and herbs I had bought a few weeks ago! Addicted! So I came up with these little bites of goodness for my daughter, just another fun way to make breakfast for my daughter!


Any loaf bread, cut up into pieces
2 eggs
2 tbsp of skim milk
Brown Sugar

What to do:

Make french toast!! It’s simple, I added a few pinches of brown sugar, I usually would have used ground cinnamon, but it’s at home and I’ve been living up at our camp these days.

Dip Dip Dip!!

Fry Fry Fry!!

I think they were so cute!

I served them with pineapple chunks……Ok well she ate the fruit first and picked on the bites but I do have a picky eater!