I got this recipe from a Rachael Rae magazine, it wasn’t her recipe but someone had posted it for her. I loved the idea of it, I didn’t have any veggies when I finally got to make it this past weekend for my husband but it was still good with what I used!

What you need:
Serves: 2-4

4 eggs
8 slices of deli ham
Sausage crumbled (I used Jimmie Dean’s low fat bagged sausage crumbles)
1/2 Cup of shredded cheese (use any kind you’d like)
Diced green onions

What to do:

Grease 4 muffin tins. I used 4 because mine were large muffin tins. Create a mold and use two pieces of ham for each muffin tin. Then I topped it with shredded cheese.

This is where you would pile your veggies in, I can’t wait to make these again so I can pile in peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms anything! I added the sausage and scallions at this point.

I cracked the egg on top of each tin and used salt and pepper to season (I won’t use salt next time the sausage and ham was enough salt, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! LOL)

I baked it in a preheated oven to 350F for 20 minutes. I poked a hole in each yolk and let it cook longer than most people do because I don’t like my eggs super runny, or runny at all and neither does my hubby. (we were meant to be we love our foods the same way!!)

Then you get these little beauties!

And I have to show you the inside!! I even reheated one the next day and had it with a slice of toast…….YUM!