Another Friday upon us folks! Is it me or did the week go by really really slow?? Ok maybe it was just me! LOL! I’m so ahead on cooking and all of my photo’s that I have an awesome line up ready for you guys come the next few weeks! I’m taking a week off in August to be with my family however I’ll still be photographing some great stuff I plan on doing, you’ll just have to wait a week or so to see it!

In the mean time………don’t forget to check out our Featured Friday Co-Host for this week! Anna from Crunch Creamy Sweet is just a sweetheart! Two great treats for you kiddo’s you don’t want to miss out on so go check it out! LOOK!!!! Madison is proof that they are kiddo friendly and GOOD!!

Also, come back tomorrow to see the recipe that will be up for Sweet & Tangy Ribs in the crock! I served them with Hawaiian Style Baked Beans! Just because this momma is camping doesn’t mean I can’t provide great, kiddo friendly, mouth watering meals! My grandmother will be 81 next week and my mom works 3 days a week and travels from our camp so a few nights a week I love making them dinner. It makes me so happy to share my recipes and pay them back for all the meals they’ve cooked up for me. Here is me, my mom, daughter and my Nana on her 80th birthday last year 🙂 Four generations here folks! I love these girls.


Anyways they loved the meal and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you so ahead of schedule here you go! GO CHECK IT OUT!

So what else is coming up with for this momma! Well like I said, since I’m taking a week off, I’ve got some great guest posts scheduled for you, if you don’t know what that means in the blog land lingo I will tell you. I have some great woman who will be doing a post for me featuring a recipe or something on their site for me to share with my faithful readers! I can’t wait!! You will love these ladies!

Also next week I’ll be cooking up something from Simply Potato 🙂 I’m sponsoring them by cooking up a dish and giving out something special for free to one lucky reader!!! Stay tuned!!

If you didn’t check out my letter to Miss Madison earlier this week, now is your chance. I’m going to be starting a writing endeavour, a letter once a month dedicated to just her, because as my cousin stated (now mind you my 18 year old cousin who I adore) someday Maddie will love this, I said Yup, this site is dedicated to her and I hope some day she will get a lot of joy from reading my thoughts, my tributes and of course my yummy food!! So within the next few months I’ll be launching that.

What else is to come, oh lots………….check it out:

Egg, Ham & Avocado Mash

Sweet Chicken Curry in the Slow Cooker

Momma’s Easy Pasta Dish – For Momma

Foodie PenPal Reveal for July

Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail

A Cold Summer Salad

Featured Friday Co-Host with She Makes Me Bake

A #SundaySupper theme in honor of Julia Child’s 100th birthday this year.

This is just to name a few things coming your way guys!! And hopefully come that fall this momma will be doing some advertising and may just make a little living out of this writing knack I’ve picked up!!

For now………..a little more on my week. Here is boo enjoying her first blueberry muffin, not sure why I never thought to give her one!

Oh and I had a ladies day with my bestie when I went home for a day. We had pedi’s gosh the poor woman who cleaned my feet, I live at a campground during the summer, sounds dirty but it’s where my family is, who wouldn’t live here!

Then had lunch outside on the deck at the restaurant where my hubby and I had our rehearsal dinner……..yeah I got burnt! 2 hours and I was toasty! Here was my Sangria!

And my Turkey BLT Roll Up……….YUMMO!!

All in all not such a bad week!! Bring it on weekend!! #SundaySupper consists of another Cookbook give away from The Mom 100 none other than Katie Workman!! Join us at 7pm EST and chat with the author herself!!