So it’s official!! When Momma’s Meals celebrate’s her One year Birthday she will be new and improved!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!! I’m finally vamping it up and getting help to make this dream of mine come true! I hope…..I know I have a hard time making 50% of this site Recipes and 50% Mommahood but once I relaunch I’m vowing to keep it that way because hopefully I’ll be settled into a new house (fingers crossed) I’ll have my daughter still in daycare part time, I’ll have some advertisements so I can make a little money but most importantly I hope to reel you all in for more views and referrals out to your friends and family. I want to take care of you, my audience. So this is your chance to speak your mind and give me some idea’s of your own, what would you like to see more of? Less of? I will still be continuing my Featured Friday’s because it’s been a huge huge hit and well I love doing it! I’ve met some fabulous people along this journey and I love sharing them with you, I will also be featuring more Momma’s as well as chef’s and recipes. There will also be a section called Dear Madison Lauren: If you didn’t get a chance to read my first letter Check it out Here. Β I will write to her every month from here on out. Hey you never know maybe some day Madison will be an big sister and I’ll just keep adding letters (no not telling you anything…..just some day) πŸ™‚

I’m very excited, scared, and flustered to be doing this. I had no idea when I started 9 short months ago that writing and blogging would bring me such joy. I want this site to be a dedication to my family. Where I share pictures, thoughts, dreams and much much more for my children some day. I think it will mean so much to Maddie when she becomes an adult or even a mother herself and gets to read my journey along the way.

Soooooooooooo the big day will be in October, that gives me plenty of time because it’s a lot of work. It also so happens to be the month that Momma’s Meals was born, the month my husband was born, and now my daughter so I think it’s a great time for new beginnings!

Until then………still a lot to come. Next week this Momma is taking a MUCH NEEDED vacation! I’ve lined up some awesome guest posts for you to enjoy, some of the great ladies I’ve met have graciously agreed to do a guest post. Enjoy them because they are great. I promise. I said so.

Don’t forget our Cookbook give away!! Click Here to find out how to win one of these awesome books! Again trust me you are going to want one!!

Later this week I’m cooking a side dish to promote Simply Potatoes, if you haven’t used their product yet, after you see what I cook up you are so going to want to try it…………….And I have a giveaway from Simply Potatoes!! Stay tuned!!

Plenty of good things to come your way!! So next between today and next week you will find:

Foodie Penpal Reveal for July.

Guest Post – 5 Make ahead meals for the Busy Momma

A great article on “Baby Blues”

Guest Post – Picnic and Outdoor Party Food Safety Tips

Guest Post- A healthy dessert from one of my past Featured Friday’s!!!

Parenting NH Article

Momma’s Easy Pasta Dish

Egg, Avocado and Ham Mash

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin w/Honey Mustard Glaze

Featured Friday – She Makes and Bakes

WOW that’s quite the to do list for me to get ready for vacation!!!