I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me prepare for this vacation. My guest posters, they are saints! Four very special ladies sharing some pretty awesome things with you this week!! Some parenting articles I’ve set up to share with you, on specifically from one of the greatest support systems I’ve had through my PPD. Great things coming your way!

My husband and I really need this vacation and though I may not be up and “live” I’ll still be in touch! I’ll still be cooking and I will still be photographing…….everything! I’m just taking a week off from writing!! 🙂 I will have lots of new things to share with you in 10 days! Every year this coming week my family takes vacation and we spend time together, aunts, uncles, cousins (we are the only one with a kiddo!!!!) and we also have friends arriving today so lots to do, lots of people to cook for!

Here is my big smiling boo when I picked her up from daycare yesterday a little early!! This kid never looks at the camera, or smiles for it so this was a score! She was so excited!!!!

Have a great weekend my foodie friends and faithful followers!!!