Kris over at In the Kitchen with Audrey and Maurene agreed to do a guest post while I was on vacation, I went through some of her favorite posts and came across this one that I really thought my readers would enjoy. We are all busy momma’s, or busy gals, or even busy boys, who doesn’t like a quick dinner that we can either make ahead and pop in the oven the next night. Or there have been days where I may make dinner while my daughter naps and then all I have to do is pop it in when daddy gets home. Then I can enjoy some much needed family time. So join me in welcoming Kris (and her daughters) with her take on some great Make Ahead dinners that she was so generous to share with us.

I am away for a few days and decided to have the girls help me make a few dinners to throw in the oven for simple yet healthy meals. When I attended #TypeACon last year the girls ate fast or processed food the entire time I was gone. There is no guarantee that will not happen again this year but there is a better chance with healthy meals ready to cook.
Here are five of our favorite make ahead dinners for when you want to leave the kitchen!
Tomato, Basil & Cheese Pasta. This is a dish from a Rachael Ray Cookbook, Cooking Rocks! for young children. We love this dish.
Daddy’s Favorite Lasagna. We shared this yesterday. Every time we make this meal the girl’s daddy thanks us for all of our work in the kitchen. He loves it.
Mini Spaghetti Pies. These are easy to make ahead and then reheat. We made a lot of these while the girl’s daddy was away recently with the military. So simple to make, freeze, and reheat.
Muffin Tin Meatloaf. This dish is just like the Spaghetti Pies, yummy and simple. We make these a lot.
Pork Roast, Toddler Style. I left this dish in the slow cooker yesterday morning before I left. We have this a lot because I love how delicious it is with so little effort.
First of all, how cute are her kiddo’s??!! I can NOT WAIT until Maddie is of age to be able to “help” me in the kitchen. So stop over at In the Kitchen with Audrey, when you do tell her that this Momma sent you!! Thanks again Kris!