Wow I don’t know if I should be more flabergasted at the fact that I’m enjoying my second package from a Foodie PenPal or at the fact that’s already July!!! AHHH! The end of July!! WOW…

The Lean Green Bean

So this month I received an out of this world package from Maggie who blogs over at Maggie’s One Butt Kitchen. Love the name! Maggie is a mom of 5 grown kiddo’s. Twins and Triplets!! WOW I have to admire her already!! Maggie has a insatiable appetite for cooking and baking. It’s the way she shows her love for others. It’s truly a passion to her. That I admire as well. Go check out some of her awesome recipes from Chilli Cheese and Cream Cheese Fruit Filled Pretzels (OMY) to her Chicken Portofino!! Thank you thank you Maggie for all of the awesome gifts you sent me.

I heard the buzzer go off as I was rushing around, packing the last of my things before heading off to our summer camp for the weekend. I saw the Fed Ex truck drive by, I couldn’t help but squeal knowing what was coming, but I had to go pick up my daughter at daycare and I had to get on the road, so I grabbed the package (heavy as it was) on the way out and popped it into my truck……..I picked up my daughter, unpacked our things for the weekend, brought my daughter to see my grandmother and my mom and cook them dinner, I put her to bed, poured myself a glass of wine and sat down with the box!!! YAY!! The time had come!!

So worth the wait! I remember reading someone’s elses post one week about how she had waited until her children went to bed to open her package, and I thought to myself, how could you wait, well now I know!!!! It’s worth the peace and quiet!

So let’s go through the items together. Their was Wasabi Sauce and Chilli’s, Maggie took into consideration that I’ve been experimenting with sauces and marinades lately so I can not wait to test these out…I’m thinking a chicken dish in the crock!

These noodles look AWESOME!! I decided to make a sausage dish with these noodles.

Then their was chocolate……and more chocolate in the wine!! HELLO….Maggie suggested brownies with the chocolate but I’m thinking some good ol’ fashioned S’mores would do the trick with these!

And the LaLechera, I’m thinking this may be good in a crepes dish (for filling) or I’m making a cheese cake for a cooking challenge soon maybe I could incorporate that into it!!

Thank you again Maggie for giving me all of these awesome idea’s!!! 🙂 I sent my package this month to Sarah in Wyoming, she doesn’t have a blog and I didn’t take pictures of what I sent because I was in a rush but I visited a new Health Food store in town that just opened this month, Sarah is a registered Dietition so I wanted to select just the right things for her. Her package for some reason got themed a “Snack Package” I got her a few healthy snacks, a box of Blueberry Scones because she said she loved to bake, I had to enclose Maple Syrup from none other than NE’s state of Vermont. I sent some awesome new Garlic Vineigrette (that my husband said the post office almost wouldn’t send because they thought it was wine! LOL!!) I also sent some Almond Butter and Ranch Dressing to make. Have fun Sarah!!


Here is what I used made with some of the goodies I received! I made a nice pasta dish for myself one night when my husband wasn’t hungry and my daughter was already in bed. YUMMO! Absolutely LOVE these noodles! Momma’s Easy Pasta Dish.

Then their was a long day here………..random Monday night where it was hot and muggy all day and (yes I like my red wine chilled) I decided to break into this puppy!! This made my night much better!

Then I used I had to make my recipe for a Featured Friday Co-Host. So I remembered the chocolate that Maggie sent me and thought this would be perfect!! Check out the recipe here. This worked perfectly!!

Thank you gain to Lindsey over at The Lean Green Bean for putting this awesome program together, it must take a lot of work and I think it’s awesome to be able to do this each month. Here is what you have to do to be a part of the Foodie PenPal Program. It’s not hard!! It’s fun!!

The Lean Green Bean