Well it was a Sunday evening here in our house when I realized we had no plans for dinner (yes it happens, specially during the summer) My husband and daughter ate fried dough, french fries and ice cream late in the afternoon on the beach here at our camp so come 8pm I was hungry and they……….well were not. As you can see my daughter adores her ice cream!


So after scanning the fridge and the cabinet I came up with this recipe because my Foodie PenPal had sent me this awesome bag of Whole Wheat Pasta, I was instantly happy! So glad I remembered I hadn’t cooked anything with it yet! So here is what I came up with. Use your own judgement for amounts, that’s what’s fun about this dish, it’s make it to your liking, it’s not often I get to make something to my liking and only my liking so I took advantage, OK maybe too much for advantage since I think I used a little too much garlic LOL!

Remember, this momma isn’t a fan of spaghetti sauce, well I am, but my belly isn’t so I’m used to eating my pasta with just butter, over the years I’ve learnt to add EVOO, garlic and cheese!! Ohhhhh how daring of me huh!

First up, boil the noodles.

While the noodles were cooking, I sauteed some garlic in oil for a few minutes, then added some broccoli (I microwaved the broccoli for 4 minutes first because I wanted to finish the cooking process with the garlic and oil)

Drain the pasta, add it to the frying pan and mix together. Let them sit for a few minutes, feel free to add some salt and pepper at this point…..let the flavors dance and have fun!

Plate and Dive In!!! No really………dive in……..I’m pretty sure I had two helpings that night, this is exactly why I don’t eat pasta much, it’s addicting to me!

I really enjoyed these noodles!! Thanks to my Foodie PenPal!