Did you have a bucket list at the beginning of this summer?? A list of things you wanted to do as a family? Maybe a few things on their for you? (I know crazy huh!) Well I did, we have accomplished one and half off of this list LOL!! Yes half……..We did get to Davis Farmland. For those of you in the NH or MA area, this is a great place for toddlers of all ages, my daughter is 21 mths. and she loved it, I can also see up to the age of 8 (or 30-something aka. Me!!)


We also made it to the Beach. Hampton Beach, in Hampton NH. We didn’t make a day of it, I really wanted to go for the day, but we went for a few hours, enough to have a nice lunch and a swim in the ocean for boo since we had never taken her. So that is a half to me since we didn’t go for the day like I wanted to, but hey summer isn’t over yet 🙂


We love going to Zorvino Vineyards every year. It’s where we got married, three years ago…..it’s the most beautiful place you will ever see. Plus they sell wine there. Hello. Each year we go and take pictures of Madison. It really means a lot to us, we did get there!


Something about a vine of grapes that just does it for me……..teeheee.


Here is my beautiful girl last summer……..this will definitely be an every summer event!


And here we are on our wedding day in the vineyard, the same exact spot he got on bended knee and asked me to be his wife. (pause for the nice warm fuzzies in my belly when I think of this moment.)


What’s on your bucket list for the rest of the summer? There is still time left! Plenty of time! Here is the rest of our bucketlist! And no my husband doesn’t know of this list LOL!!

  • I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!! There is a place down the street from our summer camp I’ve been dying to take boo to. If we don’t make it there, another place my husband goes to regularly with my cousin (yes both adults) is down the street too, and we are home, there is always Coldstone!
  •  Animals, Animals and more AnimalsCharmingfare Farm– We went here last year and had a blast with boo. We went in the fall time, it was so beautiful. It was still warm out but the pumpkins and all that good stuff, They have an awesome Pumpkin Festival, I surly want to return again, even if it’s the weekend of my birthday (hint hint hunny!!) this was last year, look how little my baby Maddie was!! AHHHH!!


  • Shopping, food and fun – Portsmouth!! I’ve loved Portsmouth since the day my husband brought me. Great little down town area of shopping, great food and lots to see, hey people watch, I’m game!! I think it would be a fun family day.
  • Momma/Dadda Time – There is a new restaurant that opened up down the street from us a few months ago called The Copperdoor. I’m dying to try it. If we have the money sometime soon I’d love to dress up, put some pumps on and have a nice date night with my man.
  • Fresh Foods – We did get to the Farmers Market once last year, we do have local farm stands around our summer camp we stop at a lot and buy fresh corn. Today we stopped and I got some to die for tomatoes!! Oh MY I’m so making my Marinated Tomato Salad this week!! I’d like to go to a few more this summer.
  • I miss my lunches with boo – During the winter boo and I used to go to lunch once a week or once every other week, nothing big, lunch is cheaper and it gave us good quality time together, sometimes we’d even invite a friend to catch up. I’d like to do this once this summer at a place my mom likes. Christina’s.