I thought it was a great time to highlight some of the Awesome Recipes I’ve cooked up this summer at my Summer Camp. Now remember again…….limited space people! But I was able to create some great family meals so far this summer. I’m not ready to give up the summer dining quite yet, I plan on hitting up the local Farmer’s Market this week since we are home for the week. Have I mentioned how nice it is to be home?? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…Ok then here we go for the Top 10!

#10 Fiesta Chicken in the Crockpot – I didn’t initially create this over the summer time, however I did make it for a second or third time while camping this summer. Crockpots are a great way to make dinner when it’s HOT AND STICKY, which it’s been a lot this summer!

Fiesta Chicken (12)

#9 Honey Roasted Carrots w/Almonds – I didn’t initially make this recipe during the summer either, but it did just quickly remind me that maybe I need to try this on the grill before summer ends! Just sayin.

Honey Roasted Carrots5

#8 Grilled Potato Madness – Ohhhhh yes the madness of potatoes, this dish was fun, because I got to promote for Simply Potato, you know how good it feels to not pay anything for a 5.00 item. I actually just bought 2 items for Simply because I’m doing a back to school dish in September!!!!!! Stay tuned for another giveaway!

Grilled Potato Madness (6)

#7 BBQ Ranch Burger (Healthified)- This was a fun dish to make too, I never heard back from the group coordinator that organized “Unchained”, a group that remade dishes at your local chain restaurant to be healthier and just better for you. I loved doing that. I actually do it all the time! This burger was awesome!

BBQ Ranch Burger (11)

#6 Ham & Egg Breakfast Cups –  This is an awesome little breakfast! I bet any kiddo would love to make these plus bring them to school as well. Heck I’d bring these to work every morning for breakfast…….if I worked.

Ham & Egg Breakfast Muffin (6)

#5 Slow Cooker Sweet Curry Chicken –  This was another favorite this summer. A few times a week I’d cook dinner for my mom and grandmother since they are up the camp with me during the week. They loved it! We all loved it. Easy too!

Chicken Curry & Noodles (8)

#4 Grilled Breakfast Pizza – Who doesn’t like to make a grilled pizza? Why not make it for breakfast??!!! Great family breakfast right here! Who would have thought that cracking an egg on a pizza would just be so awesome.

Grilled Pizza's (11)

#3 Sweet & Tangy Ribs (in the Crock) – This was a another dish I made for my family during the week. I loved the taste of this and I’ve always wanted to make ribs in the crock!! Great pick here!

Sweet & Tangy Ribs (6)

#2 Crock Pot Chicken Stir Fry – I actually don’t have a picture of this recipe because it’s one of the ones I tried when I first started blogging, before I even took pictures………..wow I’ve come a long way in almost a year huh……..can’t wait to celebrate Momma’s Meals first Birthday!


Cool Cucumber Salad – I can’t believe this one scored number one!!! Not that it shouldn’t, because it’s an awesome summer side dish, the one thing I hate about summer is with all the sandwiches, burgers and dishes you make sometimes you just “feel” the need to have chips with it, but this summer I made up quite a few side dishes that went along great with sandwiches, pannini’s and burgers and this was one of them!! I’m also proud to say that it’s a #SundaySupper dish!! Yay to #SundaySupper! This group of women have just been amazing. Such an inspiration to make me realize how important it is to have that time to sit down every week as a family. We tend to slack more during the summer, but I am with my family a lot so most of the time we are cooking up burgers and steak tips all together, which to me is just as good as #SundaySupper. During the winter I treasure the time with just me, my husband and my daughter, nothing makes my day more than spending a few hours in the kitchen cooking dinner for my family on a cold blustery Sunday!

Cucumber Salad (12)