Another weekend come and gone, it’s been awhile since I did a wrap up so I figured I’d do one this weekend since we were quite busy! We started Friday off with going to Charmingfare Farm, yup cross another one off the Bucket List my friends!! We met Jack and his mommy there, I think the kids are so stinkin cute together, their daddy’s have been best friends for years, and Maddie and I have really enjoyed hanging out with Jack and his mommy. So here they are sharing lunch/snacks. They actually share rather well!


Here is Madison playing at the Pirate Playground! She loved this thing!!


Here is Jack going down the slide, he slid down like a champ!!! I know you’ve seen Jack in previous posts, but isn’t he a doll! So cute!


Here is Maddie looking at the goats and lambs, she loved them. Too bad mommy doesn’t feed them like daddy does!! Yikes no thanks!


And all good things must come to an end…….here we are leaving the Farm. How damn adorable is this picture???? I need to blow it up!


We had to head to the Dr’s. to get her rash checked out again. I think we should have our own bedroom at the pediatric office! We finally got an oral antibiotic for her rash. Poor baby!

Friday night, well sweet Friday was real nice for this Momma. Daddy came home and wisked boo away for the night, YES THE NIGHT!! I had a nice night to myself. I helped him pack up boo and they went off to Hampton beach.


I love this about my husband. One, that he loves his alone time with his daughter and two that he realizes how much I still need my alone time. A night off with no responsibility…..I can’t say with no worry because that worry will be there until the day I do, but the responsibility is nice to give up for one evening. So what did I do with myself? Well, I cooked myself a really nice dinner and drank wine while I was cooking it!! It was an awesome dish. It’s from Rachael Ray herself and it’s called White Ragu Sauce. I even got to freeze some to make some stuffed shells or something.

Cooking with wine (10)

I also watched two,  yes TWO girly movies. I slept until 8:30 (when hubby texted me!!!!!) I got to shower in peace, get ready for the cookout we were attending in peace. I even cooked myself a nice breakfast in peace, I actually got to eat it HOT!!


SO NICE. Gosh it’s the little things. We went to my mom’s cousin’s little family reunion. It was so nice, we haven’t seen them in ages and it was so nice to get together. Here is boo enjoying some homemade Popcorn from Uncle Ronnie. It was yummy!!


Saturday night we laid low, it’s my favorite thing to do at the camp believe it or not. Not like me, but camp is supposed to be for relaxing and I have a hard time doing that!! Sunday was pretty relaxing, well to start off it was. We found out Sunday morning that it was Easter at the camp and the Easter Bunny was coming!! YES you heard me! So Madison took part in her first Easter Egg hunt!! Then she met the Easter Bunny…..


How do you think it went?? It went well at first………she giggled and talked……….from a distance of course. Then this kid cut us…….we won’t go there.


Then I tried to get her to high five The Easter Bunny…….that didn’t go well!


Then we spent an hour or so at the beach……..and that ended with another dislocation of the elbow!! UGH off to Urgent Care we went! Not bad, we packed up in a jiffy, drove home, waited at Urgent Care, picked up take out and was home relaxing all within 3 hours!! Here is my brave girl waiting for the doctor!


That is our weekend in a nutshell!! What’s up for the week? Stay tuned for my “Back To School” event!! Wednesday is Back to School quick breakfast ideas, Thursday is Back to School lunch ideas, Friday is Featured Friday of course! Saturday is Back to School Quick Dinner ideas, and we finish it off with a Back To School #SundaySupper theme!! Can’t wait!! Check back!