I’ve been wondering how I could get my kiddo in the kitchen with me since the day I started cooking, ok so even if it was only a year ago or so, still…………I’ve been patiently waiting. A few weeks ago while making Money Bread I handed her a ball of dough, she looked at it, turned it around, gave it back to me, and off she went to play. Ok so maybe it’s my fault, when given play dough about a year ago, after cleaning it up off my rug (or should I say in my rug) I took it away. I think she was a little too little for it, well for my Type A attitude at least.

Well last week I reached out to my mommy friends and asked them how they got their kiddo’s in the kitchen, I got some great responses, and some great ideas from everyone! So later that night, we decided to make a pizza as a family. I think we will make this a tradition come summer time, though she wouldn’t eat it, I’ll keep trying, she loved pizza not that long ago, maybe she just didn’t like hers! Or the fact that momma forgot the cheese and the cheese is the best part! So here we go as I walk you through our first attempt at making a meal as a family.

Here is the her set up. 🙂 Not too shabby huh!


She started working with DaDa because he’s an excellent dough spreader, me, not so much!


It was priceless to see her face when we first started, she didn’t know what to do! “Yeah dada I have no idea what your doing!”


This is when we realized she actually liked pepperoni!! I almost died, I’ve been trying to get her to eat pepperoni for awhile!


Now it’s time to add the sauce she really wanted to help at this point, when she got rough and started putting holes in the dough we just taught her how to be “gentle”


Now it’s Momma’s turn to help!! Time for toppings, yes she wanted to eat them more than add them onto the actual pizza!


I added them, she ate them 🙂 Smile for dada!!


Add some peppers and we are all done! Seriously add whatever toppings you and your family like, I’m not even sure we’ve ever eaten the same pizza more than once!


Here is our masterpiece! Let me explain the burnt cheese bubbles…….Momma realized she forgot the cheese up the camp (sometimes living in two places, going back and forth can be a pain in the butt!) Daddy asked if I had american cheese, YES we do!! Well now I know that american cheese burns easily!! Whoops! Oh well……….we ate it! Boo………Not so much!


We had fun!! It just made me realize how much my baby, just isn’t a baby anymore, she just wants to help and do everything by herself, miss independent 😦 I can’t wait to move into a house so she can have her very own draw where she can “help” momma in the kitchen. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with an old friend who is graciously giving us her “Kitchen” that her daughter has out grown, so maybe Maddie will be in the “kitchen” even sooner!! I’m so looking forward to the holidays so we can bake cookies and all kinds of things.

What do you and your kiddo’s like to make in the kitchen?