Welcome to Momma’s Meals first addition of Easy Back to School Breakfast dishes!! Yay!! I’m excited to start this because before I know it my own kiddo will be going back to school. Sniff, Sniff….WOW. I also have many friends/followers that already have school aged kids so I’m happy to pick the easiest, quickest but yummiest dishes to make during the week on those busy mornings when your rushing out the door for school!! Did you remember homework, books, sports equipment………don’t forget to eat your breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day!

It’s my job to pick the easiest dishes that I’ve cooked, the quickest dishes that I’ve tried, the yummiest dishes that I can say “TRY THIS TRY THIS!!” So here we go!!

Ham & Egg Breakfast CupsI made these recently. It’s a great dish to make the night before and pass them out as the kids are on the way out the door, a great breakfast full of protein that they can woof down while gathering that homework in the morning. Feel free to add veggies or any other things your kiddo’s like in this dish. This is also a FF (Freezer Friendly) dish!

Ham & Egg Breakfast Muffin (9)

Strawberry Banana Baked Oatmeal Squares   I made these last summer and my daughter loved them, she was on a strawberry kick and I wanted to try and get some healthy stuff in her………..enter oatmeal baby!! I’ve always loved oatmeal, not plain oatmeal, but those flavored packed, sugar packed, packaged kind are just not good for you. It’s better to have the original oats and make your own oh so good fruity middle! My husband even brought these to work for the week. Another great make ahead, on the go breakfast!

Strawberry Banana Bake13

Hash Brown Egg White Nests This is another great make a head dish, it’s fun for the kids to even help and make these by pressing the insides into the muffin tin!

Hashbrown Nests4

As you can see I packaged these up for the week!

Hashbrown Nests5

Old Fashioned Breakfast Casserole I loved making this dish, It’s great for Sunday mornings with the leftovers packed away for the week, it’s also a great FF dish!! Also, make the filling according to what your family likes!! That’s the beauty of it!

Breakfast Cass

Breakfast Pies As you can see I’m obsessed with making breakfast in muffin tins!! This is a great FF dish and it’s like grabbing a muffin on the go but when you bite into it…………..there is so much more!

Breakfast Pies

French Toast Bites – I made these this summer, I love french toast, it’s so gooooooood, and it’s simple. I always thought it was bad for you, but I don’t “have” to have syrup with mine. So I use half egg whites and half eggs, I use light bread and I use light butter instead of syrup. Well boo likes syrup! But it’s so easy to make this, even on the go!! I can promise you this dish in the same amount of time it would take you to make a few batches of toast 🙂 Plus the kids can help with this one too!

French Toast Bites (5)

Monkey Bread Muffins – You can’t forget Monkey Bread!! This is a dish made from bread turned into breakfast! Ok another Muffin dish but hey they work!! Also FF too!!! What kid doesn’t like Monkey Bread??

Monkey Bread (9)

Slow Cooker Ultimate Oatmeal – This one I decided to sneak in because I finally got to try it yesterday, I always said if I stay up late enough some night I want to try to put this dish together in the Crock and go to bed…………….wake up and have breakfast! The only disappointment this dish was, it didn’t smell up my house like I thought it would! LOL The consistency was surly different than the Oatmeal I usually make, but who cares, the taste was AWESOME!!!! Make it your own and add whatever you’d like, I didn’t have raisins so I added twice as much cranberries. The serving size was also too big for us so I cut the recipe in half, I look forward to more healthy breakfasts this week!


So how did I do picking out some on the go breakfast dishes for you and your family??? If you have any questions please feel free to pop me a message! Stay tuned tomorrow is Lunch box Lunches!!