This is the time of year when there are Soccer games at night, Cheerleading practices, after school events, all that good stuff. It’s up to Mom and Dad to make sure dinner gets on the table but one kiddo needs to be here at this time, the other kiddo has to be there at another time and dad just announced he has to work late!! AHHHH……don’t panic, I’m here to help!! I’m choosing the best recipes in my collection for you based on a quick prep time and a speedy cook time.

I know I push Crock-Pot meals on…..well………everyone (just ask my friends) and I will list you my favorite ones, but don’t fret, I have other idea’s and recipes that don’t consist of throwing food in a pot and leaving for the day, though that sounds like the perfect solution for this Momma! Hey I’m a SAHM and I still use the Crockpot at least once a week if not more.

So……let’s start of with those One Pot Crock wonders shall we. These are my favorites which just happen to be my fans favorites as well because they have gotten the most views. Win-Win. Can’t go wrong.

First up. All-In-One Pork Chop Dinner. Yes you heard me correctly……Dinner, all in pot! This one is always a trust go to one for me and my family. I use the pork tenderloin only because it’s a healthier cut of meat. I use the brown rice in it, again to stay on the healthier side but hey, now they make the Smart Taste Noodles and Pasta so there are a few other ideas. Also if your family doesn’t like broccoli, try it with peas or string beans! Also, try the Creamy Chicken Dinner, almost the same thing put with Chicken and Cream Cheese!

All In One Pork9

Second up is The Fiesta Chicken in the Crock – This one is a favorite for a lot of families out there, I know quite a few food blogger friends that make this dish a lot. One of the best things about making this dinner is that you can do other things with the leftovers, we always have leftovers because it’s just my husband and I eating it (maybe Maddie will try it this fall! You never know!) Check it out, along with all of the other recipes you can turn this dish into for another night (or two) of the week.

Third up Beefy Onion & Mushroom Steak Tips – A great way to change up your typical Steak. We don’t have access to a grill during the winter, well besides our grill top on the stove, but I love making this for my hubby when we are craving steak, I serve it with Mashed Cauliflower, Smashed Potatoes or Mashed Sweet Potatoes! Can’t go wrong!

Fourth up is the Sage-Parmesan Pork Tenderloin – Again with the Pork Tenderloin but in the middle of winter when  you get sick of steak and chicken, it’s a nice go to meal. Plus the Sage and Parmesan are just outstanding with this dish, I’ve had a few friends try this and it has not disappointed. Add a salad and your favorite potato side dish and call it dinner!

Last but not least. Scalloped Potatoes & Ham – I just tried this one a few weeks ago. A great recipe to change up your usual routine, and also a great way to make your Ham different! It was awesome!! Again add some peas or veggies in there and you have your whole entire dinner ready for you when you get in from that late night during the week.

Those are my favorites but I do encourage you to check out my Crock It section because my 3 Bean Chilli, Ham dishes and more Steak in the Crock are fabulous. I think I have more Crock Pot recipes than any other section. No really.

Now let’s talk easy quick meals, nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen (well besides me) slaving over a stove (well besides me) just trying to get some kind of dinner on the table for your family. It’s been a crazy, hectic day and you just want share a nice meal around the table with your family. Here are some great ways to either whip up dinner the Sunday before and refrigerate it or just dice it up, cook it, and serve it that minute.

One of my favorite’s is Turkey Stroganoff (You cane make this with chicken as well. It’s super easy, and super yummy! This dish from start to finish takes no longer than 30 minutes!

How about a dish that sounds fancy smancy but only takes 30-45 minutes to bake, while it’s making you make the sauce and side dishes and wala you have yourself a pretty “restaurant” dish!! Not too shabby huh! You will impress with this one! Oh the name of it right, that may help. Chicken and Rustic Mustard Cream Sauce.

Momma’s Ranch Meatloaf. How about Meatloaf!! Who doesn’t like Meatloaf?? (Besides my husband??) Try this one out, it’s got great flavor that will have you ALL reaching for seconds, don’t let the Canadian Bacon turn you off, I’ve found healthier bacon since I’ve made this dish so I plan on remaking it in the fall!! Another dish made in an hour!

How about a meal that is under 350 Calories for dinner!! Skinny Chicken Marsala. This one was inspired by my sister because it’s her favorite and we both try to eat healthier. There is no reason why you can’t still enjoy your favorite dishes! Bonus-Cooked in under 30 minutes.

Here is a great one that you can make ahead. Have a little extra time in the morning? Or even on a Sunday? This one dish wonder will have you asking for more. Low Fat Baked Ziti w/Spinach. Serve it with some Garlic Bread and wash your hands clean of this meal! Bonus- Under 350 Calories folks!

Ok so we’ve talked Crock Pot meals, we’ve talked under 60 minute or 30 minute meals………..lets talk…………PIZZA!!! I have to brag with this one because between me and my husband we make THE VERY BEST PIZZA. Well OK and Portland Pie because that’s the dough we buy. I sometimes buy Stonefire Pizza breads too. I know I’m lazy, and one of these days I am going to make a dough from scratch, but for now……we love these recipes!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but over on the right hand side of Momma’s Meals this Momma added a category called “Pizza’s and Casserole’s.  Yes Pizza does deserve it’s very own category!! It’s an easy dinner to serve, you can make it to your children’s liking and even add on those veggies (against their protest I’m sure!) Recently my daughter has even helped me make a pizza! Check it out! Ok so here are a few of my favorite ones and I’m naming these because they are “different” and sometimes different is good to change it up!

I happen to lean towards the White & Garlic Pizza, change it up from the plan ol’ regular pizza sauce. It has great flavor!

Garlic White Pizza (10)

I also make a mean BBQ Deep Dish Pizza, my favorite part of pizza is the dough so this works great for me! Even has chicken on it!

BBQ Deep Dish PIzza (13)

Another favorite of mine that I can devour in one seating is a Zucchini Pizza Casserole. It’s healthy, it’s tasty, and it’s pizza/casserole together! You can’t go wrong!

Zucchini Pizza10

Last but not least, any one that has read my blog regularly must know how obsessed I am with Caprese anything! So why not make it into a pizza!! My very own Caprese Style Pizza.

Caprese Pizza (6)


Well that concludes our Back to School Quick and Easy edition here at Momma’s Meals! Don’t worry……….there is still more to come!

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