Back to school1

There are lots of packed school bags, organized with brand new notebooks and pens. New cloths hanging up, just waiting to be jumped into. Lunch bags packed and ready to go and busy moms out there running around trying to get everyone out the door and off to SCHOOL!!! Yep, I said it back to school! When I close my eyes I can still hear the slamming of the lockers from my own school days! Mixed emotions from Mom’s and Dad’s as they get their children off to school, missing the days of summer but anxious to get them learning and achieving higher goals. Are they excited or sad to see their kids growing up and moving on to a new grade? I can only imagine what the answer to that will be when it’s my turn. My daughter is 22 mths old today. I can’t believe in just two short months she will be two years old, it’s so hard to believe, I feel like it was just yesterday that I held her seconds after giving birth telling her how much I loved her already. I’m not so sure I’m ready for mine to go off to school so for now I’ll just enjoy being home with her and help all of you get your kids back to school with great breakfast dishes, lunches your kids will want to dip into and easy weeknight dinner’s to get you through those busy nights of sports and homework. I’ll also recommend some great parenting articles I’ve found recently. Or how about some fun activities to do with your kids during the rainy fall days and cold blustery nights?

So last week this Momma featured a lot of different things for our Back to School theme.

Back to School Simple & Quick Breakfast Dishes

Then of course you can’t forget those lunchbox lunches, be sure to check these out because they are great for toddlers going to daycare or when your “babies” are off to Kintergarden!!

Back to School Easy Lunches

And don’t forget those busy nights that are full of sporting practices, homework and crazy work nights for you parents! Grab these dishes and make your family some great weeknight meals.

Back to School Easy & Quick Dinners

Here is your chance to check out some other great recipes from my foodie friends. We had a #SundaySupper theme last weekend and a whole bunch of us featured some great Back to School Dinners you can whip up in now time! Sometimes you just need a new inspriration! Don’t cook the same things over and over, come check these out!

#SundaySupper Back to School Dishes

So is it a rainy fall day? A cold and blistery one when your stuck inside for one or two days? Or is it a weekend and your all tired and you’d rather just hang at home (I have those days!!) here is a great Mama Site for you to check out for activities for your little ones. Amber runs Mama’s Blissful Bites and she’s got some fantastic idea’s to keep your rug rats busy on those “not so busy” days!! I can’t wati to try the Red Light Green Light Go Go Go activity this fall!! Thanks for the idea’s Amber!

Another blog I’ve found and enjoy is Sarah:Simply Me. Sarah has a bunch of things on her site. From recipes to Organizational Tips! Now of course that one strikes my fancy because well………I’m Type A, though I would never let you open a closet in my home because you would have things falling on your head, this Momma inspires me to get cleaning!! In July Sarah announced that she is expecting Baby #3!!! WOW!!! That’s one Momma you have to admire! She talks about her Breast Feed experiences, Cute DIY Projects and of course Coupons, Coupons and more Coupons!! I was even more impressed when I came across her section on How To: Oh my! Oh and did I mention the yummy dishes she’s got!!

So another Back to School project I worked on this week in case you didn’t see it??!!! I got the chance to work with Simply Potato again! Yummy Yummy!! I was asked to make a Back to School Dish using their product, uhm hello that’s easy!! I’ve always been looking at their shredded potato’s thinking to myself…”There has to be a way of making my own Tater Tots….a healthier version. Well thanks to one of my foodie friends, The Hand That Rocks The Ladel (how cute is that BTW) I was able to whip up these babies yesterday!! Healthy Tater Tots.

I’m sad to say that another Momma blog has taken the place of mine on the page of Parenting NH. Hey it’s ok with me seeing as I didn’t even know mine would be there and it was all summer!! But don’t worry, my blog is still under the Parenting Blog section! This is another great place to visit for my local followers out there!

Well the time has come……….pack those backpacks, lunches and send those kiddo’s off. No crying! Savor the moment, snap a pic!!