I got this recipe from a friend of mine. We were going to their house for a little cookout one week night and she asked if I wanted to try a Sangria that was currently being served in the restaurant she works at. Heck, who am I to say no!! Wine, Juice, Ice on a hot night, Uhm Ya!! As Madison says “Peeeease!” So she did her

Now let me explain how this is made, my friend was a bartender so she knows how to make a drink. When a recipe calls for a “count” it means you pour according to the number. For example if it calls for a “Two Count” it means you pour and count to two then stop. Easy enough right. Ok then without further delay, here it is!


4 count of Sutter Home Sweet Red Wine (Or any kind of Sweet Red Wine)
2 count of Peachtree liquor
1 count of Triple Sec
2 count of Pineapple Juice
1 count of Cranberry Juice
1 count of Orange Juice
1 count of Sprite

What to do:

Mix it all up, shake and pour!! Easy as that, you won’t be disappointed even when if you do more of one thing and less of another, OMG she served these in large Mason Jar. It went down like juice! Most of it is the red wine so don’t drink too fast friends!!


Enjoy the rest of the summer!! You will if you try this!!