Ok it’s pretty bad that under my Pinterest account I actually have a board for just pizza! Sad huh! That’s how much I love pizza, it’s my total weakness of weaknesses! Sooooooo here is one I whipped up for lunch one day when I was by myself because well………I love white sauce and hubby loves red sauce.

Make. Bake. Slice. Eat. Enjoy.



4 tbsp of light alfredo sauce (I used Ragu, they have a light version, but I know a lot of brands do)
1 Cup of cooked Broccoli, diced
1 Cup of cooked chicken, diced
Salt & Pepper
Garlic Powder
Pizza dough (I use Stonefire a lot when I’m in a rush because it’s easy)
1 Cup of reduced fat shredded mozzarella cheese

What to do:

Well I used some left over chicken that I had from another meal, sometimes I even cook 3 out of the four chicken breasts and leave one for something like this, or even try the perdue singles, when you can buy 6 breasts all individually wrapped and frozen, perfect for that too.

Preheat oven to what your dough recommends. Mine was 425. I chopped my chicken small, it’s just how I like it. If you know me, you’d know that I’m a bit Type A with my pizza and salads. I cooked my broccoli for 2 min in the microwave with water first.

I spread the alfredo sauce on first, feel free to use more, I just try to keep the counts down! (Counts aka calories, fat and carbs!) I also mix my salt, pepper and garlic powder in a separate bowl (I know I’m strange) then I sprinkle the seasoning on top.


I then add the chicken and broccoli and then the cheese on top. Bake for how ever long your dough suggests, I placed mine right directly on the wire rack ( I like mine crispy)


Then you get this delicious looking lunch!! All just for you!! It’s like a burst of yumminess in your mouth!


What did I say before? Make. Bake. Slice. Eat. Enjoy. I believe this is the Slice time.


And this would be the Eat. Enjoy section.