Wow it’s 2:37pm and this Momma doesn’t have a post up? Hmmm, that’s not like her… (I mean me). People think I’m nuts because I post every single day. Well I am nuts, but I love posting everyday. However that needs to stop. Well not needs to, but in order for me to put more quality into Momma’s Meals I need more time in the day? More sleep? Yes all of that too, however that’s not going to happen. My husband and I need to spend more time together, Madison get’s her quality time with Mommy why shouldn’t Daddy?? I’m relaunching Momma’s Meals next month and I’m really trying to get more into writing about the recipes I cook, the challenges we as a family face every day, and well just life.

Fall is a busy time for us, we close down our Summer camp. Bye – Bye camp we will miss you. Here is Madison enjoying her last weekend with her friend Layla. 🙂

However Madison just started dance lessons on Saturdays and Soccer lessons on Monday’s. My husband, daughter, mother and MIL all have birthdays in the fall. Whew……..should I go on? I’m already tired!! Oh did I mention we are buying a house too? Searching for a house with my mom so she can have an in-law, which means she is currently selling hers. We must not forget this baby girls 2nd birthday party either!!

So what’s in store for this Momma? Well a lot. I’m pursuing avenues so I can do this “writing thing” Full-time. I’m venturing more into the “blogging thing” to make some money for my family, so one day I can FINALLY say “I love my job”. I’m not sure on a launch date for “Momma’s Meals……….Who said their was a recipe for Mommahood?” It will be this fall and it won’t have too many changes, I’ve worked hard all summer starting to slowly gear up for it. I’ve met some great Momma’s out there that have awesome Momma blogs too, so I can’t wait to feature some of them for Featured Friday’s.  Jenn over at Munchkins Designs is busy at work, giving Momma’s Meals a new look!Here is what the new schedule will look like:

Weekly Update-Tuesday. This will allow me to update you on what we’ve been up to, I know how much you care! OK well the grandparents of this beautiful baby girl will some day care. My husband also gets to see in pictures and more detail about what we do  each day.

Parenting Post- Wednesday. This will be when we talk about anything and everything Parenthood, whether it a be a tip, a certain topic (please do email me of you have one). I keep saying to myself “I should blog about this.” Then never write it down, then of course never remember.

Featured Friday Co-Host – Friday. One of my favorite days of the week. I have the pleasure of introducing yet another awesome blog to my usual readers, where you can go and check out more yummy recipes or now even meet other Momma’s that blog (to stay alive). 🙂

Sunday Supper – Sunday. My other favorite day of the week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sundays in my home. Snow is falling, good food cooking in the kitchen for dinner or future dinners that week, football games on in the background (well for me), and cuddled up on the couch with a nice and warm fuzzy blanket (stay tuned for a pic of me and my favorite blanket to cuddle in). Well this is also a day where we eat as a family, and thanks to Isabel over at Family Foodie, not only do I get to eat with my family but I also get to share the table with my foodie family too!!! (OK that was a lot of Foodie and Family in one sentence but you get my drift!  So join me on Sunday’s while I share a new theme each week and meet my foodie friends around the table for Sunday Supper! 

5th of every month-Dear Madison. This is when I share letters to my daughter. This is hard for me because this is where I’ll admit the ups and downs of Parenthood to her, where I’ll mention the amazing accomplishments we conquer on a monthly basis, but also all of the rough patches we may have a long the way.

Random Recipes & Chuckles. This will be random, it’s good for Quick recipes that I make up on the fly but may not take many pics of, but would love to share. Chuckles of course because we all have to laugh our way through parenthood or we’d all go insane 🙂

What else???? Hmmmm…..well I’d also like to get another Crock Pot Challenge going this Fall. Maybe around Novermberish, I’ve come so far in the blogging world since last year, that I believe I’ll be able to really make it fun this year!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO once again I thank you for all of your support. Special thanks to you Momma’s out there that help me with my posts by being honest and open with me. A VERY special thanks to my husband for allowing me to make all of my dreams come true. Well and for giving me the newest idea on my next venture!!