What is your day like as a SAHM mom? I originally thought of writing about this very subject just to show my husband what it is that I (we) do all day long. Well I started documenting everything I did minute by minute but by 11AM I was like F*k this! Threw it away and went about our day! Instead I’ll just talk about it.

I thought about being a SAHM all my life….how great would it be to play with your kids everyday, teach them about what’s going on around them and to just be there to hug alllllll day long! Then I became one. I don’t think of those things anymore believe it or not. I think about what’s going to be for dinner, when I’m going to get to the laundry, when was the last time my floors were washed, did I pee yet today? Am I teaching my child the very best that I can? What will be the repercussion if I allow her to do this, do that? Worry, worry, worry. Mmmm……

Well last week a friend of a friend posted a comment on FB about being jealous of SAHM’s. That it was a beautiful day and she just wished she could enjoy it. Well I must have been PMSing because what started with a simple comment back fired and got me pretty peeved. I don’t know why, I shouldn’t let anyone’s opinion bother me. I guess I just get really upset (genially of course) when people who have never been a SAHM make comments like that. I would NEVER EVER make a comment about the day in the life of a working mom. NEVER. I am extremely lucky to be where I am, and it may not last forever. However kid you not, it is a job and it is the hardest job I’ve ever had.

This friend of a friend is entitled to feel however which way she wants, I just felt better speaking my peace. The comment started with a fun but a “Hey, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!” like a “Hey I’m not out enjoying this beautiful day either.” so when she ever said “yeah I get to do all of the things that you are talking about on my only two days off”, no it didn’t stop there, it ended with a “Have you ever food shopped on the weekend? Not fun :). We are all entitled to our opinions and honestly I would have said the same thing almost exactly two years ago. However, Yes I have food shopped on the weekends, I used to work 50 hours a week. I just politely added that “Us SAHM’s, never get a day off, and we all know NO MOM never gets a day off whether you work or not 🙂

I love my job. I truly honestly love my job. Yes I have to say this to myself at least three times a day if not more sometimes. Hey whatever gets me through the day. Like today for example. I avoided at least 5 meltdowns but once nap time came to a kiddo that is already over tired. Momma – 5 Madison – 0 quickly turned to Momma – 5 Madison – 8 Daddy – 2 🙂 Sometimes it really amazes me how quickly a great day can go BLAH in a matter of seconds!

It’s ok, my husband and I are in it together, learning the ropes, surviving by an inch. Each day brings on more stress, more questions but also more love. Isn’t that what matters?

What do you do as a SAHM? How do you fill your days? How do you stay busy? I’m already thinking of what we are going to do on Wednesday and Friday just to get out of the house!

Sometimes we go to the Park:


Sometimes we ride bikes:


Sometimes we make dinner:


Sometimes we have to work 😦


Sometimes we bake:


Sometimes we watch movies:


Sometimes we learn new things:


Sometimes we play with play dough:


Sometimes we JUST WANT OUT MOMMA!!


Sometimes we are caught sneaking snacks:


BUT WE ALWAYS MAKE TIME TO STOP AND APPRECIATE THE TIMES WE DO SHARE! Because let’s face it, sometimes you just need to get your feet wet to learn, there is always a reason to swim in PJ’s. 🙂


Now go hug your children!! 🙂