So this will be my normal Tuesday posts once my new site launches. This is when you will be updated on “What is up with Momma?” Fun pictures of our week, last minute recipes, laughs, whatever may it be! I’m taking Monday’s off because, well Sunday is Sunday Supper on-line and at home, and it’s a family day that I’ve come to miss. We love our camp but it’s nice to have out Sunday’s at home alone.

In case I loose some of you, eeccheeem, I ‘m sure I won’t but just in case. No Featured Friday this week. Don’t be sad. I should be sad, It’s my birthday Friday and I’m just going to be another year older!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! Sooooooo my hubby is cooking dinner for me on Friday and he will be blogging and Featuring little ol’ me, so it will be a Featured “Monday” a week from today! So stay tuned, you aren’t going to want to miss this! Maybe I’ll be nice and offer to take the pictures!

What is up with Momma? Hmmm…..well you already know what I’ve been working on and my goals of where this little turned bigger, some day turned great blog is going.

This week I cooked up a few new things. Don’t forget to check out the Chicken Lo Mein I made. It was an awesome dish and it doesn’t leave you with that full, bloated feeling you get when you order Chinese from the local place down the street!

Chicken Lo Mein (6)

Madison and I attended our second week of soccer. It’s too cute, it really is. Maybe I can get her to wear her actual Soccer T-Shirt to our lesson……and maybe I can snap a few pictures because the kids are super cute.

Madison discovered that she can play in her toy boxes, the storage boxes we use to store her toys in. I actually have a video of her falling backwards in it, but I feel bad because I saw it coming. Can you??


Yes she did, and she hit her head on the sit n spin, but didn’t even cry…….I should have kept recording!! Wednesday we babysat Jack. He is a friend, we also play soccer with Jack. He was a good boy. Madison, not so much she just really didn’t want to share. I know, I know all kids go through the “mine” stage. Luckily Jack didn’t cry but when we went to dinner the next night at a friends house, she made Olivia cry. Saying “mine” “mine” when it was all of Olivia’s toys. I know kids have to hash it out but it kills to me see my child make another child cry. Here she is with Jack, taking a water break 🙂


You know Thursday’s are daycare days so Momma gets to actually think of herself when making lunch…….it’s so nice. So nice that I made lunches today (Sunday) for the week so I don’t have to eat like crap! But here is one of my new creations. It’s whole wheat bread, Thin N Trim Santa Fe Turkey Breast (right in your deli) 2% American Cheese, sliced avacado and my condiment as usual is horseradish mixed with sour cream….yum…….I grilled it right in a frying pan!!! SOOOO good!!


Friday was……..well Friday. TGIF! I featured another awesome Momma!! Don’t forget to go check out her site and tell her this Momma sent you over. Here are my babies, Daddy and Maddie love to watch music video’s, you can always tell it’s Friday if Daddy has a beer in his hand!


Momma made her very first homemade pasta sauce. I was always a jarred girl because well….I never ate red sauce enough, but now that I’m married and my husband loves it, and I do love pizza, and stuffed shells and lasagna, I figured I’d try a batch and freeze some for the winter. It came out AWESOME!!!! I made it with my Southwest Meatballs.


I’ve had this recipe on my site for ages but I never made them so I decided to give them a shot! Skinny style of course. They were awesome. If you don’t like a kick you can cut down on the hot stuff but I loved the kick. I made it with smart taste spaghetti and my husband thought he died and went to heaven. Stay tuned for the recipe for the sauce, it’s my Aunt’s recipe so I’m happy to go and tell her I tried it and loved it! Even jarred a bit for pizza’s and Enchilada’s later this week! Stay tuned because I have an awesome two in one dish to tell you about, meaning I made it one night and used the leftovers to create the a dish later on in the week!


But now I’m jumping the gun. We headed to the Cape Saturday morning. Early for us, my boo isn’t used to flying out of bed, getting dressed, and running out the door and eating breakfast in the truck. It was fun. Here she is ready to hit the road! She doesn’t look tired now does she?? At least she has all of her babies with her.


It was a long day for an almost two year old, but my cousin bought a house down there a few years ago and I’ve been dying to see it. We had a nice lunch out on the water, it was great to sit outside and enjoy the weather. My husband used to go to the Cape once a summer to get away, the days before MM 🙂 Here she is outside the restaurant we ate at.


And here is Madison and my sis, TT loves her babe, they played outside by the Koi pond all day long! (yes she was eating chocolate chip cookies………can you tell)


Yesterday, Sunday was a lay low day. Daddy has hockey….here is Madison thinking she’s going with Daddy….”here daddy don’t forget our hockey stick………”


Momma cooked in the kitchen most of the day, it’s nice to get ahead, I have recipes lined up for you guys!! Here is a sneak peak for tomorrow……..


But let’s not forget about our Sunday Supper event. Apples Apples and more Apples was our theme, so if you didn’t get a chance to check out these awesome recipes from an amazing group of bloggers, now is your chance! Go! Now!!!