HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOO MEEEEE……HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! OK that’s the extent of my singing. I’ve been working with Madison all week on “Happy Birthday” but we weren’t very successful! Oh well maybe next month by daddy’s birthday.

Happy Birthday

When thinking about what I wanted to write about for my birthday post, nothing just jumped at me until the other day. I thought about talking about “My Journey” how I got to be where I am today, but that’s boring and I’ve probably already bored you with all of that at some point or another. I thought and thought, and then I remembered the person I love spending my birthday with is the person who brought me into this world. My Momma!!! I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about her, I talk about her a lot. She’s awesome. She is the strongest, smartest, most loving person I have ever gotten to know. Yes I say gotten to know because as an adult now, as a mother myself now, I have gotten to know her in a whole different light.

Here we are at my wedding.


I needed her as a child to provide for me, I needed her in my teenage years to guide me into making the right choices. I needed her in my twenties to be a mother and a father since we lost my dad so young. Now, I need her as a friend. When I found out I was pregnant, my mother was the first person I wanted to tell. Well besides my husband, but he was there 🙂 She waited so patiently while I found the “right one”, waited by the sidelines until we were “ready” to start our family, so when I thought about giving birth I wouldn’t have it any other way than having my mother, my best friend by my side. I know a lot of people who thought I was nuts, thought that it’s a private moment between husband and wife, and though it is, I couldn’t have done it without her. So think what you will, I needed my mommy god dammit!! 🙂 So here we are waiting for Madison’s arrival. Her looong arrival. I would never want my mother to lie to me. I would never expect her to lie to me, however that day, the day I gave birth to my daughter, I needed her to lie to me, she knew me enough to know that she needed to lie too. About what? Well I’m a baby, I hate pain, we just don’t get along. So when it came to pushing, when I kept asking everyone if she was coming along? If those hard pushes I was putting all of my effort into was paying off? If Madison was any closer to being born? No one was answering me. My mom took one look at me and lied. She lied, can you believe it??? She said “YES!!” A lie that seems so little was so big to me because 3 hours later when Madison was born, my mom was the one that helped me in the way that I needed help. As they say, no one knows their own daughter more than the mother is so true.


She was one of the first ones to hold Madison. Here is my mom holding her first granddaughter.


Once I started thinking of questions I wanted to ask my mom for this post, they started flowing…..man did they flow! All of a sudden I just had a million questions. I cried when I read the answers. My husband asked me why, but I didn’t really know. Maybe because I don’t feel like the “happy child” she so often describes me as in these answers, maybe because a part of me longs to be that happy child again. Or maybe just because I’ve come such a long way since being that happy little girl.

1. How did you feel when you realized you were pregnant with me and had to share your love with two children? I had no doubt that it was going to be fine, as I knew I had plenty of love to go around and I already had a great 2yr old at home.  I was very excited for two babies. (I secretly wanted 2 girls)
I hope I can be this excited when expecting #2. I hope I have as much confidence in myself as you did. If I don’t yet, maybe it means I’m not quite ready yet.
2. What day of the week and what time was I born? Was my labor hard?  You were born on a Thursday morning at 7:35 am.  Compared to number one, I actually slept thru part of my labor with you.  I would consider it a very very easy birth.
I guess I can only hope and pray my second labor is as easy as yours was. Specially since I thought the first one was so bad!
3. Was it hard juggling two kids? I think had you not been  born with congenital dislocation of your hips, then it would have been very easy as you were also a very good baby, as was your sister.  But juggling trips into Childrens Hospital and having a 2 yr old at home waiting wasn’t always easy.
Maybe I could think of you when I feel like I can’t juggle two kids. That had to have been hard.
4. Did my big sister love me right away? Be honest!! She really wasn’t old enough to understand or love, but u definitely peaked her interest. 
Ha! I wish I could have remembered just how much I peaked her interest!! 🙂
5. What was one unique thing about me that you remember as a baby? I think your good natured personality.  you were the happiest baby ever, not to mention the bluest eyes and blondest hair. 
I guess my daughter gets that from me huh, daddy has some pretty amazing blue eyes too. Good natured personality, wonder what happened to that…… 🙂
6. What were some of my birthdays like as a child?  Well one I remember well was planned for the same day as hurricane Gloria.  The others were when you really loved being the center of attention….
I remember that, I do, I was so bummed LOL. Center of attention, my how I have changed because now I hate being the center of attention. Though I still love my birthday 🙂
7. Tell me about a favorite memory of me and you? I think one of my fondest is down in Disney World when you would fall asleep in your plate every night at supper, and you were just so excited  to be there, with your all your babies.  You had two double ear infections and flew at 3000 feet and never complained about the pressure in your ears, yet your Aunt cried. 
Ah good ol Disney World. I can’t wait to bring Madison there some day. Minus the ear infections of course.
8. Tell me about a favorite memory of me and dad? I think that would have to be on Christmas mornings, it didn’t take much to please you, and he loved watching you come down the stairs and seeing all the toys under the tree. 
Oh yes……Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho…..still can hear it like it was yesterday. As a parent I can imagine those faces on Christmas morning, I can’t wait for that. I remember how much dad loved Christmas, it’s so nice to love it again. Finally.
9. How did dad help you with being a SAHM? I’m not going to lie about that.  not much at all.  When he had to stay with you while I couldn’t be with you he did it well, but he never followed a schedule or picked up anything.  It wasn’t like it is today.  Once you weren’t babies anymore he was much better at it.  I don’t think he had a lot of confidence in his baby abilities.
Andy used to be like that at first. He would care for her, give her what she needed, but do that, do laundry, feed himself, or any other chore, nope! But now, not sure where my husband went but he may just be “getting” it.
10. Do you ever wish you had more children? Yes sometimes I really think I do, we just couldn’t afford any more, but would have loved another baby, you were sick a lot but you were a very happy baby and kid. 
Wow really. Well what’s meant to be will be I suppose. Guess you may have pushed it asking for 3 great kids 🙂
11. Did you enjoy cooking, what was my favorite dish growing up? Yes loved cooking it was my favorite time of the day.  Your favorite dish was Chinese pie with spaghetti, and my spaghetti, you loved that.
Ohhhhhhhhh yes Chinese pie, your Chinese pie….hmmm I’ll have to share that recipe with my readers soon. Yummy.
12. What was my least favorite dish growing up? One you tried to get me to eat over and over, but I just wouldn’t. (this is when I’ll tell Maddie, EVERY VEGETABLE!) you hated all MEATS, except chicken,  and veggies weren’t your favorite either.  You loved your mashed potatoes.
Something like my daughter, no meat, no veggies, loves starches though! Like mother like daughter!
13. Did I ever help you in the kitchen? Or show interest? Yes as a matter of fact your father built you a stool and you would stand by the stove and stir whatever needed stirring.  You also loved to bake and frosting cakes was your very favorite,and I baked a lot of birthday cakes.  I never bought a birthday cake ever.
Awh I remember that now that you say it. I remember your electric mixer, I’ll never forget that (just bought Madison her very own for her birthday shhh….) I had a sweet tooth when I was a kid, I so remember that. I will never forget your birthday cakes. So good. Who needs a store bought cake when they come with love from Mommy!
14. What was your favorite age with me? I would have to say 5 years old.  Mrs. Casey used to tell me you were the happiest child in the Dracut Middle School.  You were always smiling, and you were so good.
I have a feeling I’m going to love that age too. Good Ol Mrs. Casey!
15. Do you still have any of my baby items? If so what things?  I believe I still have a pink one piece snow suit, and I believe it was a 18 mos. and had a pair of mittens and hat to match.  I loved it on you.
If it was pink, it was for me!! I will keep a few of Madison’s things that I love too.
16. Was I an affectionate child growing up? Extremely and with your whole family not just me.
This one is a shocker. Not that I’m not affectionate because I am. I do wear my feelings on my sleeve, however my daughter doesn’t, and I hate that she whines and pushes my hands off her when I try to put my arm around her or rub her back, I guess I can just hope she out grows it.
17. What was one of my favorite toys as a child? your dolls and doll carriages, you loved playing HOUSE!  and as you got older it was  School with all the neighborhood kids.
Ha! Another very opposite of Madison! Stuffed animals and wagons yes, dolls and carriages no! I can’t wait to see how this one plays our. Remember I used to put Muffin in my baby doll carriage! Man that cat hated me!
18. If my father were here today what would he say when he laid eyes on his first granddaughter? He would love her blue blue eyes and her smile.  He would also spoil her rotten.
No doubt that he would spoil her rotten, more so with love and kisses, but seeing the blonde hair and blue eyes would probably make him very happy.
19. If my father were here to give me one piece of advice what do you think it would be, since you knew him the best.  Never let HER be the boss, because if you do she will be spoiled rotten, and it would take away from her beautiful face.  He would want her to be a good girl, not a brat.
Yah Dad was never a big fan of spoiled brats. Thank god! I appreciate everything I have today because I wasn’t spoiled, but I hear you, he would want a little girl he could be proud to show off not a screaming bratt 🙂 We are working on it dad!
20. If you could give me one piece of advice about parenting what would it be? Be consistent don’t send mixed signals between her mommy and daddy, be there for her no matter what, let her make her own mistakes, and learn from them, and last but not least, teach her the importance of family values, they go a long a way, and nobody will ever be there for her like family.  Because they love you unconditionally.
I can’t wait to teach her more about the importance of family. Since she was 2 months old Daddy goes up and down the halls pointing to the pictures showing her who is who……..no problem with showing her that, that I promise you. I know letting her make her own mistakes will be tough. No one wants to see their child hurt, but I also know the importance of it.
So that’s my Momma folks! Couldn’t have asked for a better one. Hence why I’m so hard on myself I think, I just want my children to feel the same way about me as I do about my mom.

Madison at one month old. Ha, I just packed that little outfit away this week, I can’t believe she was that small.


Thanks for doing this with me mom, and as always thank you for always being there for me. I love you.