Here we are again! Week two! Two is an exciting number for this Momma this month. My baby is turning two!! OMG!! Seriously that is what’s up with this Momma for the next few weeks,  Birthday plans. I’m thinking Elmo since it’s her new favorite, she doesn’t say too much still so when she yells “Kitty” when the cat runs by or “Elmo” at the TV I’m pretty proud. Plus there is Elmo everything out there, so I really can’t go wrong. We are having a small party at the clubhouse in the Condo complex where we live so it should be fun, I love seeing her play with other kids. When she does. I wanted to rent a bouncy house because she loves them, but that will have to wait until she turns three unfortunately.


Soooooooo that leads me to the Condo situation. UGH…….my mother’s house is still not selling. Those of you who need catching up, we are buying a house with an in-law for my mom but we need to wait for her house to sell to do this. It’s been on the market since May. I know it’s not that long for a home to be for sale, but it is to me when we are slowly busting out of this condo. I’m exhausted dragging my two year old, groceries every week, and whatever else up a flight of stairs and through 4 doors just to be home. Though I could use the exercise and Madison learnt to climb stairs on them, they’ve grown old. 980 square feet was perfect for my husband and I. Add another child……….too small! Add a second child, impossible!! Don’t worry there is no #2 but I’d like for there to be someday…….SOON! It’s tiring, my mother and my sister have to leave the house in tip top shape everyday when they leave, there are open houses every month that quickly get our hopes up, hours daddy has spent away from us to help do some work to the house. Not to mention all of the work my aunt and my cousin have put into this who are our realitor’s. She’s dropped the price A LOT. Yes she started high, but so does everyone else, she can’t just give it away. Since my father has been gone I’ve wanted nothing more than to have my mother around more, let her see my babies grow up and become little adults. She deserves that. We deserve that. Sooooooooo for now we will keep trucking and keep at it. Who wouldn’t want to live in this beautiful house. So many awesome family memories here.


What else, well did you  hear about the Crock Pot Challenge that will be happening this month? Yup, this very Momma is hostessing this gig and I’m excited to have a few other bloggers who will be joining me!!!! So comment here if you’d like in on it and I’ll send you an invite via FB, you don’t even have to be a blogger, do it for fun with me and it enters you a chance to win a Crock Pot!! Yup from me!

Well as usual I took on so much this week, closing up the camp, making two awesome dishes, one for my Featured Friday and one for #SundaySupper of course. Luckily for me they are both Crock Pot dishes! Yay! My hunny is having a boys night out Friday, he’s so excited, it’s too cute. Then comes the long weekend! We have tickets to Charmingfare Farm so we will be making a trip to their Pumpkin Festival very soon.

Also, I don’t know why, I don’t know what made me say yes. An old friend texted me on Monday asking if I still belonged to the gym, yes I do, yes I still pay for a membership but do not go…..well her schedule shifted and her daughter has dance classes up the street so she joined it for something to do 3 nights a week while she waits for her daughters classes. Heck, I needed the motivation anyways so off I went. Yes at night can you believe I did that! Another close friend of mine, she posted on FB about this October Challenge another blogger friend is running. Check it out. I saw it, read it, and said what the heck! I’m not sure I’ll be able to do every single thing on the list but hey, it’s effort, and we all know that one healthy choice leads to another healthy choice!


I have to admit, it feels good to kick this baby body in the butt. Though I may not be saying that come 8pm tonight when I’m all done the Power Hour class we are attending. I’ve gone before, it kicked my butt and I never went back. I’m nervous because I pushed myself through that class, I literally felt like throwing up at least four different times throughout the hour. I felt things jiggle that never jiggled before! I had to watch it! Why do they put mirrors in those classrooms anyways? I don’t need to see these things! I’d be very happy watching the instructor or the person in front of me who happens to be in shape that I can be envious of! So my vow today will be to try the class and not push myself. Take a break when I need a break, slow down when I need to slow down. Wish me luck!

Here are the Protein Shakes I’ve been having in the morning, they are very filling, though I do miss physically eating 😦

Banana Berry Smoothie (4)

Simple as pie. Any fresh fruit you want, I do a half a scoop of protein powder but I’ll probably up it next week to a full scoop. I sometimes add fat free yogurt, 2 tbsp. I use skim milk and no ice because I like mine thin, with no chunks!

Banana Berry Smoothie (3)Banana Berry Smoothie (1)


Oh……the redesign of Momma’s Meals……’s coming along. Poor Jenn, she’s probably going to hate me by the time this is over, I feel like I don’t have good “Blogging” lingo. I know what I want but explaining it are two different stories for this Momma. I’m getting excited though, she’s doing a great job, I’ll have a lot to tweak after she’s done just because things change when you have a new design so be patient, I promise to get it up and running as quickly as possible. I’ve kept you all in mine with this redesign. Trying very hard to not change things around too much and make it hard to navigate, I don’t want to do that to you my faithful readers!

So don’t forget to join me Friday, I’m featuring a new blog and this Momma is amazing!! Then there is Sunday Supper, your going to love this weeks theme my friends………Think Fall my friends 🙂