My goal with this website is to exchange and swap recipes with anyone and everyone, but also to talk about the rollar coasters of motherhood, being a stay at home mother and well….life!! I’d really like to hear other stories of motherhood. We’ve all had our battles whether it was waiting 28 years for Mr. Right to walk into your life (like me), whether it took years to get pregnant like many of others, or whether you’ve suffered miscarriages and losses before bringing your sweet baby into this world. Every mother has their story and I want you to feel comfortable viewing yours here. So let me start with “My Journey to Motherhood” And starting in January of 2012 I’ll be featuring a new mother and her journey down the same road many of us have taken. If you’d like to submit your story please do so here Until then………here is a little About Me.

I’ve been a stay at home mother for almost 2 years now. I’m blessed to be able to have this time with my daughter and I’ve realized over this past year that I enjoy cooking. Now that I have the time I can really put my heart and soul into my meals.

I came about starting this website/blog for a few different reasons. First and most importantly, I love to write, I love to cook and I love taking care of my family. Becoming a stay at home mother was a huge decision for me. Going from working in the corporate world, interacting with adults and customers all day was a part of my life for over ten years. I have my associates degree in Business Management but I never really loved it. It just paid the bills. I always assumed that being a mother and staying home was never an option for my family because of the economy these days, but when the opportunity presented itself, I realized my mother stayed home to raise my sister and I, we had a great childhood, I want the same for my kids. So here I am, a year into being home. It’s not what I expected, I still have days that I hate (just like in the corporate world), but I have days I love way more!! Now that I feel like I have a good handle on “mommyhood” I decided to do something for myself, something that I really enjoy. Will it pan out? Who knows? Will my friends, family even strangers use my recipes and blog with me? Who knows….. But it’s worth trying right? A wise person always told me that you don’t achieve happiness, you create it!!

UPDATE**** Starting in the fall (release date to come) Momma’s Meals will have a whole new style! 50% recipes and Kitchen Stuff and 50% Parenting and a place for Momma’s!! Featured Friday will still be here and I’ll be celebrating each week with a new Momma. Whether it’s to cook a recipe of hers or if it’s just to feature a great Mom, tell her what an awesome job she’s doing and share her blog with all of you guys!!! Stay tuned because This Momma is on fire! “Momma’s Meals……..There is no recipe for Motherhood.” 

Secondly, I’m always all over the web looking for great recipes, it’s half the fun I get that, but why not take all the greatest recipes and put them together. So all of my recipes come from great websites, cookbooks I’ve collected over the years, magazines, and even from family and friends. Don’t worry I’ll give credit where credit is deserved! Now that my site has been live since October of 2011 I’ve met some amazing food/momma bloggers all over the world. I had no idea this even existed. I wish I started a lot sooner becuase I’ve come to realize that now this is just another way for my daughter to see how she grew up and what we did together as a family. Another thing I care about is “healthifying” each recipe as much as I can. It’s important to me that my family eats fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains as much as possible, so I tweak a lot of the recipes I find by using, reduced fat things, fat-free sometimes or whole grain products, to me it’s a way that I can cook some “bad” things but still feel ok about eating them!! If you don’t want them “healthified” simply replace them with the brands your used to.

So to wrap this up in a jiffy!! I love taking care of my family so why not let me take care of yours for a night! Just browse through my recipes that are organized by categories. Also, follow me through my blog section as I conquer all the steps of becoming a mother for the first time, I know I’m a year into it however their are still MANY MANY firsts to come!  I just ask one thing of you, if you do try a recipe, click on the title and leave my a comment at the end of the page, suggestions are welcomed, maybe what you served it with, who ate it, like your 3 year old, critique it, I can take criticism, tell me what more it could need etc etc….I welcome all feedback!! Lets chat through some great meals! I’m no means a pro at any of this however these are my personal feelings as I trudge through the days ahead like many of you. Sometimes words come to people like we all drink water, sometimes people don’t like to speak of their feelings, that’s ok too, I respect each and every one of you for your decisions I only ask the same of you. I’m not here to judge, I’m here to talk about the trials and tribulations of motherhood, the good the bad, the great the sad, the blunt truth and wonderful honesty that everyone deserves. Thank you for joining me as I cook my way through life and take care of my family one meal at a time!!

Facts About Me:

My dream job is to be a therpist, I love to help people.
Watching drama filled movies/shows calms me down at the end of a day. Anyday.
I secretly wanted a girl when I was pregnant, ok no I didn’t secretly want a girl, I openly wanted a girl!
I went from loving sweets to now loving chips, crackers and dips!
I don’t give what I don’t get in relationships. With family, friends or anyone that is. May be straight forward but every relationship requires work and I’m not doing it alone.
I have an older sister but more often than not feel like I am the older sister. I love it.
My mom met my dad at our camp at 16.
I wish I majored in Psychology in college.
I hate crowds.
I fell first fell in love when I was 15, he was my best friend for 10 years.
I spent my 22nd birthday at radiation with my dad, it was the best birthday ever. No seriously it really was.
My husband still amazes me everyday.
I never knew what life was about until the day I became a mother.
I hate driving in a car, driving or being driven.
I’ve never been to the west coast.
For the first time in 11 years I think I love holidays again.
My mother is the strongest woman I know.
I always wanted to be a mother….now it scares me to death.
I usually get along with men better.
I’ve never broken a bone.
I despise hospitals as much as I LOVE my wine.
I secretly envy my husband for being so laid back. Ok I’m just plain out jealous of him 🙂