Welcome to my recipe box!! I’m excited to share all these wonderful meals with you all. Please see the right hand side of the page (whatever page you are on) this will always connect you to the categories you need to find the dishes you will love. I love cooking and it’s the best feeling in the world to complete a meal and get opinions afterwards, in my home they are usually good comments, as my husband says he’d eat anything I put in front of him (not sure if that’s exactly a compliment) but he’s usually honest with me, I always say if you don’t tell me if something is wrong with it then I’m not going to learn. I love the learning part, When I think back to when I started cooking last year I laugh because I used to measure EVERYTHING! I mean everything, but that’s how I learnt, now I’m experiencing just how much spices to put in certain meals by hand, how much cheese or garlic to add. The baking you’ll have to be patient with me on, that I just started this month and to me it’s totally different and way more difficult. A few recipes have already landed in the trash before they landed in my oven! Also, I think visuals are important, I tend to buy the cookbook that has pictures, or read the recipes on line that have pictures that show the outcome so as I cook each thing on my site I will be posting pictures, feel free to swing by certain sections again if you like the visuals too! Please feel free to email me with your favorite recipe as well, whether it’s an old time family recipe or just a favorite in your household, send it over and I’ll post it for you, we need to share, I love cooking new things! Don’t forget to comment on any recipes you end up trying! Thanks for visiting my recipe box!