Once a month I try to plan something special for my hubby and I make a 3 course meal, mostly because it’s fun, it gives me a chance to get in the kitchen, we do it on a night before a day off for him since he sometimes works 6 days a week, we wait until our 15 mth daughter goes to bed, well the first time we planned this I did the dessert during the day so that worked, however I did the appetizer before she went to bed which was tough, cooking it was easy, he entertains, I get to be in the kitchen alone (for the most part), but when we sat down to eat it, well that’s another story! However it’s good for both of us because I get my time in the kitchen, my hubby gets time alone with her, he gets great eats and then after she goes to bed we eat, have a real conversation and then watch a movie!! Check out the recipes and our movie reviews under this section each month. I’ll always give a heds up when it’s planned because I’m usually damn proud of my meals!! 🙂

Date Night 1/28/12

Date Night 2/14/12

Date Night 3/2/12

Date Night 3/17/12