This is where I’ll pass on what I’ve learnt in the kitchen and what I’ve read that I makes me say “wow…that’s awesome, I didn’t know that!” The things that I feel everyone should know Not just “Did you know” but more like…This is how you do it!! If you have any words of advice please do email me at and I’ll add it for you, it’s not just about me telling you how it should be, I don’t care who it comes from, I’ve learnt from others so I’d love to learn from you!!

Celebrate the holiday but get back on track – Tips on not over eating for the holiday. We all want to enjoy the yummy food but the Biggest Loser show teaches us how to do it the “healthified” way!

Grocery Store Savings Strategies – Tips from Rachael Ray on how to save money while grocery shopping.

Cooking Tips & Tricks  – A bigger version of “Did you know…..” Do you have a tip to share?

5 Healthy Meals – I’ll get you through your week!! Start cooking healthy here and you’ll come back for more!!

8 Simple ways to Avoid Late Night Snacking– My theory is just go to bed LOL!

25 Things Chef’s Never Tell You – Yes you heard me, you just never know!

Common Diet Secrets That Don’t Work – Myths of Dieting.